Mon - Thu 7:00PM - 8:30PM (White->Black) 8:30PM - 9:30PM (Blue->Black)
Sun 12:00PM - 2:30PM (Open Class)       
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We’re here for our students. We want all our students to train in every class. Limiting the class time, as far as we’re concerned, is nothing more than stretching out the material. It’s not our intention to hold you back we want you to learn everything we know, because only by surpassing our skills do we learn to grow.


The students we have are students that want to be here. We don’t want you to come in because a piece of paper is threatening your credit history. We only want serious students, because that is what builds a good strong school. We want students that will push us to improve ourselves.


Monday through Thursday and Sunday our classes consist of thirty minutes of Kung Fu warm-up exercises to strengthen your body and cardio fitness. The next hour and a half is spent on training in the Wing Chun system. Sunday is an open class where the students get to train in whatever they want within their level.


Learn to build amazing skills through your development in the system of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Improve your reactionary motor skills- to strengthen and relax your mind and body.

South Florida Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy offers private and group instructions in Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu, whose lineage stems from both Ip Man and Jiu Wan.  The Jiu Wan connection is through Sifu Francis Fong to Sifu Lun Syn.  The Ip Man connection is through Grandmaster Ip Ching to Sifu John Melillo.  Ip Man and Jiu Wan were pioneers in their day that turned out many great fighters and instructors.


Learn to react without thinking
Works on any sized attacker
No pre-determined techniques
No contracts or testing fees
Join a supportive family

Full mind & body workout
For students at every level
Effectiveness not based on strength
Learn to transmit body power
Learn to be calm and relaxed

icon-6Not based on size or strength
Wing Chun is known to combine fine precision with explosive power, what is less known is that the movements do not require size or strength to perform. Since our system of self-defense doesn’t rely on the practitioners strength; when learned properly it cannot be overpowered.

icon-5No memorized techniques
Wing Chun is about learning to develop the proper responses to any situation, with no planning or guessing. It is a delusion to think we can accurately predict the future. We therefore execute simple appropriate actions in the moment and never attempt to anticipate.

icon-4From Teens to Senior Citizens
Wing Chun improves health and maintains vitality. It is perfect for anyone who is considering martial arts training since the movements are simple and don’t require the practitioner to become a gymnast in order to perform the necessary actions needed to control an attacker.

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